WCCW Stock Photo Project

As a community arts organization, the Women’s Center for Creative Work relies on stock photography, and we're often disappointed when we try to find stock images that reflect the communities that we actually belong to. The majority of stock photo images on the internet continue to be of white, heteronormative, slender, youthful people in generic business attire. These instantly recognizable images are plastic and tired, and they don’t represent us or the diverse range of people who make up the WCCW audience.

In response, we’re pleased to announce the Actual People Stock Photo Project.

Our goal is to create a stock photo database featuring people of color, women, genderqueer, and disabled folks of all ages and body types, in a variety of settings and narratives, created with the WCCW community in mind.

We’re still in the early phases of creating this database, but we hope that the end result will be useful to our members.